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Things to Do

Backlit Shadow Greenery #2, February 3, 2013

Backlit Shadow Greenery #2, February 3, 2013

Art Happenings in the frozen Twin Cities: I hope you get a chance to check out the upcoming exhibit Framing the Field at St. Catherine University, a selection of images from the collection of the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Curated by George Slade, it lists an impressive array of talent. Here is info on the opening reception on February 9th – and lecture on March 14th.

My Show is up until February 22: 

Debora Miller’s installation I’m Not Me, She’s Over There, and its companion outdoor piece Horizon Grid (viewable 24/7), is up until February 22nd at Susan Hensel Gallery. Open Mondays 10-5, and by generous appointments.

Please join us:
Closing Reception & Conversation with Debora Miller, moderated by Julia E. Babb, February 22, 2013, 7-9pm

Follow me at my Twitter handle @artsquall .


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Post 363: Color Splash

I haven’t been able to be out and about the last couple days. So I have this nice shot from my NYC trip to share. This was taken in mid-town from the gallery where I saw Gerhard Richter’s exhibit. It was fun being at level with the tops of some super sweet classic buildings.20130127-182610.jpg
Show Info: Debora Miller’s installation I’m Not Me, She’s Over There, and its companion outdoor piece Horizon Grid (viewable 24/7), is up until February 22nd at Susan Hensel Gallery. Open Mondays 10-5, and by generous appointments.


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Learning Curve: 5

So, since I got an iPhone in June, I have sometimes used it to do my posts, including using the camera- editing in a simple limited tool I tripped across. Just yesterday, I looked again at free apps for photo editing and happened upon Photoshop Express. It is very simple, but allows a lot more control.

I played around with this image from my trip to New York, a photograph of a display showing historic subway tile. I think it is sweet, a little funny, and quietly satisfying.
Subway Tile Display, 2012

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Magnificent Light: 19

Lake Michigan #2, 2006

Lake Michigan #2, 2006

Here is another quiet one from Lake Michigan. I am always impressed (and sometimes flummoxed) by how the slightest positioning adjustment combined with passage of time can result in such diversity of color and tone. That is the power of light. For this image the camera is pointed a little further south and the photo taken 24 minutes earlier than the one I posted yesterday. Such awesome variety is available to us from moment to moment.

Our movie outing was fun. We discovered a gem of a theater (truly a movie house) called The Heights in St. Paul. This movie theater has been operating for 80 years. Its renovation in the late 1990’s revealed original organ pipes, an orchestra pit, and other sweet touches. Cozy, lovely, and unique. As we awaited the film, we were entertained by Christmas music being played on the organ by an actual person (like the old days). When it was time for the movie, organ and player dramatically lowered out of the way for the screening. My new favorite!!!

Oh, and we enjoyed the movie a lot. The first of three installments, The Hobbit was very interesting and spacious. We look forward to more.


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Save the Date!

I am prepping for a show that opens January 11th. Details in the attached.


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Branching Out

Here is something a bit different – video/film…art in motion.

I have used video a little bit, and definitely consider my projection work to be time-based as an experience. I am always curious to use it more, and jumped at the chance to use music from Jeremy Messersmith’s recent album Paper Moon, which he has kindly released for non-commercial use through Creative Commons.

I was about to return to NYC and heard an interview on Minnesota Public Radio with Messersmith about his project. I had already been thinking about the subway ride as a transitional experience, being in between…sometimes mesmerizing… So on my visit I shot some video with my iPhone. I worked with my video and #2 from Paper Moon to create this short film. Here is the result:


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Western Shapes

Silos in Reardon, WA, November 2012

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NYC: Must See

As you can tell, I weathered Sandy just fine. I arrived in NY on Saturday and by evening on Sunday we had gone to Greenport to hang out where there would be power and services nearby. I am so grateful we had the option. A personal regret I have from the storm is that I did not get to see an exhibit that was just opening that weekend. So, you New Yorkers will have to make sure to see it and report back.

The show is ReGeneration at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Well worth the visit, it includes new media and experimental science related installations from 10 artists curated by Steve Dietz of, who also puts together Northern Spark and other super cool stuff, and co-curated by Amanda Parkes.

The documentation on the website looks fabulous. Go, explore – and add to the time capsule Scott Kildall is establishing. The show is up until January 13, 2013.

From me, a new image made today:

Tree Top (invert), November 7, 2012


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Escape Artist: 3

The day after here in Greenport and things are mellow. The sun came out earlier and it was a nice day. Shopkeepers were sweeping out and running de-humidifiers and things are returning slowly to normal.
A few shots from around…

The moon showed through scudding clouds last night around 9:


A damaged pier front walkway, photographed this afternoon:


The view yesterday as the wind was whipping:


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Escape Artist: 2

Here in Greenport it is blustery and increasingly gusty. Rain has begun. Most shops are closed, but the grocery expects to stay open. Storefronts on the water are mostly boarded up, and residents of some streets nearest the water have been advised to evacuate. We are 9 feet above sea level at Reb and Stephen’s house, and expect to be fine.
Stephen and I went to the grocery store and took a look around a couple hours ago. The energy is calm and focused. People are ready to hunker down. We are secure and safe for the storm.
Here are some shots using my iPhone this morning. All in and around Greenport, NY:





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