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Things to Do

Backlit Shadow Greenery #2, February 3, 2013

Backlit Shadow Greenery #2, February 3, 2013

Art Happenings in the frozen Twin Cities: I hope you get a chance to check out the upcoming exhibit Framing the Field at St. Catherine University, a selection of images from the collection of the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Curated by George Slade, it lists an impressive array of talent. Here is info on the opening reception on February 9th – and lecture on March 14th.

My Show is up until February 22: 

Debora Miller’s installation I’m Not Me, She’s Over There, and its companion outdoor piece Horizon Grid (viewable 24/7), is up until February 22nd at Susan Hensel Gallery. Open Mondays 10-5, and by generous appointments.

Please join us:
Closing Reception & Conversation with Debora Miller, moderated by Julia E. Babb, February 22, 2013, 7-9pm

Follow me at my Twitter handle @artsquall .


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Enduring Art

Joe Miller & Me, In Front of Isle Joy, photo by Emilie Liepa

Joe Miller & Me, In Front of Isle Joy, photo by Emilie Liepa

My Dad was in town for my opening and took some time to properly hang Isle Joy, the painting he made in 1963.  That is 50 years ago this year, and the painting is totally lovely and inspiring.  Here we are together in front of it, on display in my light-filled studio.



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Hand Art

Every day we get a chance to live artfully through food. Some days, food is fuel, and more chore than delight. But, when inspiration and time allow, it can be magical. Luckily, around here my life partner is very often inspired. This week he is delving into hand-made Japanese noodles. Lovely to look at in their lack of uniformity; and double delicious to eat.
Fresh Udon Noodles, 2012

He is taking guidance from The Japanese Kitchen by Hiroko Shimbo.

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Age & Beauty

20121211-211557.jpgIsle Joy by Joe Miller, 1963

This painting was just gifted to me by my cousins on my mother’s side (thank you!). It was painted by my father in the early 1960’s. It is a fanciful depiction of Manhattan, and lived in the Manhattan apartment of my Godmother, Great Aunt Agnes for decades. It is beautiful.

There are ways it is showing its age – a loose canvas, and paint missing in spots:
20121211-212509.jpg I talked to my Dad about this painting and sent him photos. He remembers it well, including the title; this even though it was painted before I was born. He was delighted to see it again, and that it will be handed down to his grandson Roan someday. He remarked that it seems like an earlier iteration of his ‘Salish Sea’ work, and I quite agree.

We discussed repair, and he wants to let it fulfill its cycle. He had some ideas of why it has lost some paint and has a loose canvas- experience and good linen makes a difference. He said he thinks it would ruin the painting to effect a repair- destroying the honest sharpness that shows through to the canvas below. Art too has a life cycle, and this painting is nearly 50 years into it. I love it just the way it is!


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Branching Out

Here is something a bit different – video/film…art in motion.

I have used video a little bit, and definitely consider my projection work to be time-based as an experience. I am always curious to use it more, and jumped at the chance to use music from Jeremy Messersmith’s recent album Paper Moon, which he has kindly released for non-commercial use through Creative Commons.

I was about to return to NYC and heard an interview on Minnesota Public Radio with Messersmith about his project. I had already been thinking about the subway ride as a transitional experience, being in between…sometimes mesmerizing… So on my visit I shot some video with my iPhone. I worked with my video and #2 from Paper Moon to create this short film. Here is the result:


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Guest Artist: Joe Miller IV

West Out of Chicago Midway at Sunrise, November 2012 by Joe Miller IV

Here my father joins the conversation. Of this image he says, “I imagined the Missouri River below somehow creating an inverted topographical map of the river basin below. Not possible, right?”

Love it.


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Artful Loving

Yesterday I visited the gravesite of my brother-in-law Zane, who tragically passed away on October 19th. My sister Lisa and her three young children brought me, my son, and my twin Rebecca to see where Zane is buried. The cemetery is in a wild open place atop a hill with a view of a rolling valley. When we arrived the kids immediately set out to visually distinguish their Dad’s grave, which awaits its formal headstone. They have great plans for perennial plantings and trees. As a start, they gathered pine needles, rocks and branches and we all worked together, creating a sweet, natural and very special place. Their focus and determination was directed by love and accompanied by creativity. It was beautiful to watch.

Zane’s Grave (with our love), November 2012


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NYC: Must See

As you can tell, I weathered Sandy just fine. I arrived in NY on Saturday and by evening on Sunday we had gone to Greenport to hang out where there would be power and services nearby. I am so grateful we had the option. A personal regret I have from the storm is that I did not get to see an exhibit that was just opening that weekend. So, you New Yorkers will have to make sure to see it and report back.

The show is ReGeneration at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Well worth the visit, it includes new media and experimental science related installations from 10 artists curated by Steve Dietz of, who also puts together Northern Spark and other super cool stuff, and co-curated by Amanda Parkes.

The documentation on the website looks fabulous. Go, explore – and add to the time capsule Scott Kildall is establishing. The show is up until January 13, 2013.

From me, a new image made today:

Tree Top (invert), November 7, 2012


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Let Them Eat Cake

Tonight, in agony waiting for election results. Crossing all fingers for an Obama win. He is good for regular people, good for the arts, and good for advancing the discussion.

Here, the edible art at Mali B Sweets in Greenport, NY. This sweet little shop makes absolutely devine chocolates, fresh marshmallows and lovely cakes.

Cakes at Mali B Sweets, Greenport, NY

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Work in Process

My father uses small drawings for exploring his ideas for paintings. Here, a color pencil drawing on Stonehenge paper. I find these drawings very satisfying as they stand.

Salish Sea Study by Joe Miller

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