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A Good Day

After a day of trouble-shooting technology, finalizing placements and many other tasks, everything dovetailed and the show looked great…then we readied the space for the opening. Lots of people attended and it was very satisfying for me to see it being enjoyed. Here are some pics, credit to dad and Reb for some of these shots:

View of right peephole.20130111-235516.jpgView of Canning Room.20130111-235539.jpgView of projection.20130111-235611.jpgReb and Deb in front of projection.20130111-235628.jpgView of projection.20130111-235806.jpgDad in the Canning Room.20130111-235857.jpg



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Hand Art

Every day we get a chance to live artfully through food. Some days, food is fuel, and more chore than delight. But, when inspiration and time allow, it can be magical. Luckily, around here my life partner is very often inspired. This week he is delving into hand-made Japanese noodles. Lovely to look at in their lack of uniformity; and double delicious to eat.
Fresh Udon Noodles, 2012

He is taking guidance from The Japanese Kitchen by Hiroko Shimbo.

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Art Wherever You Are


Backlit Hospital Curtain, December 5, 2012

No matter where you are, you can find things to look at and enjoy.

I haven’t talked on this blog about my illness with metastatic breast cancer, which is as daily for me as my art. And sometimes a subject. We are always on the lookout for severe complications, and today I spent a long day at ER. Hoping to go home soon. Have a bit of pneumonia, easily treated…..Keeping this blog makes me keep my eyes wide open, even on stressful days.


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Horizons: 17

From19A, LGA-to-MSP, 10/19/12 #4

From19A, LGA-to-MSP, 10/19/12 #4

An artist should look deep inside themselves for inspiration. The deeper they look inside themselves, the more universal they become. The artist is universe.

Marina Abramovic: Art:21 on PBS.

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Branching Out: 2

Another short video. I loved the way the water was running on the window during this descent….

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Perfect Beauty

Vignetted Lake Yellowstone (2005),November 2012

Vignetted Lake Yellowstone (2005), November 2012

Does the contemporary art world find something dangerous in beauty, something radical about that?

I think a lot of contemporary art is very nihilistic. It’s not able to deliver anything beyond the idea of paucity–of the sensory deprivation that we feel. I think a painting is an important opportunity to deliver something, to transport the viewer, and it’s not necessarily about physical notions of beauty versus the sublime. It’s about a certain activity or exploration where you come back with something….I don’t think I’m cynical at all about what I do; I don’t think there’s any alternative to believing in the infinite perfectibility of each and every one of us. For me there is no alternative to that. If that can be held in a painting, that is what I try to achieve.

–Philip Taaffe, being interviewed by David Coggins.  Art in America, October 2008


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Artful Loving

Yesterday I visited the gravesite of my brother-in-law Zane, who tragically passed away on October 19th. My sister Lisa and her three young children brought me, my son, and my twin Rebecca to see where Zane is buried. The cemetery is in a wild open place atop a hill with a view of a rolling valley. When we arrived the kids immediately set out to visually distinguish their Dad’s grave, which awaits its formal headstone. They have great plans for perennial plantings and trees. As a start, they gathered pine needles, rocks and branches and we all worked together, creating a sweet, natural and very special place. Their focus and determination was directed by love and accompanied by creativity. It was beautiful to watch.

Zane’s Grave (with our love), November 2012


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Arty New York: 9

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some other scenes from NYC. The girl with mask kicks butt! Whoa.

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Arty New York: 5

Today I got out to Chelsea and made my way around the 500 numbers on west 23rd. I knew I would just happen onto galleries and set out to conquer a couple blocks… There was so much to see I only did 23rd. One highlight was Sergey Bratkov’s video installation at Leo Koenig Gallery.

Here I am sharing some art that I grew up with: a poem my father wrote and that has resurfaced as a result of his show here in NYC. Kinda low res here since I am blogging from my phone… Enjoy:


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A Deliciously Arty Day

Today was like art heaven. My dad pulled in, accompanied by Peter who is shooting footage of my Dad’s cross-country drive with his paintings (from San Juan Island to Manhatten). Along with them came a painting by my step-mom, Dana Roberts, that she has given me. We hung it carefully and I get to look at it each morning as I wake. Wow!

Here is the truck with paintings secured inside:


Here Dad is showing Peter my studio while he films:


Here I am in front of False Botany by Dana Roberts:

For more info on my Dad’s show, visit his web site.

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