On Hope over Hate: In memory of Deb

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 marked four years since our Deb died. We long for her, and our lives continue to grow around the hole of missing her, informed by what she brought us, and by all that we can’t have with her gone. Her loving outlook, her art, some of her belongings, and her wit all continue to shape our perspective. 
Deb faced many things in her life, and hope in the better world she could help shape through positive action informed her approach to challenges large and small. It is a different time politically than perhaps we’ve ever experienced. Deb would have wanted to to organize with and participate in the resistance to the anti-immigrant fear mongering and the reckless nationalism that we currently face as a nation. So that is why it is fitting that we have chosen to honor that with a $500 gift in her memory to the Southern Poverty Law Center, to support its critical work in bearing witness to the injustice in our time and combating intolerance and the impact of hate in our culture.
We also remember that making art is local, it is about renewal of self and community and it is of course about planting a seed that grows. Deb was committed to that, and always looked around her at her place as she created her art. So we have also made a $500 gift this year to Glory Going Green in Greenport, NY. This nonprofit environment and arts program connects kids to the natural beauty of that special place through observation and the process of making art, carving out a space for their voices to emerge. 
As time passes, the Okame Cherry trees we planted in her memory in the garden of the Greenport library stretch to the sky, as do Roan and her many nieces and nephews and other children who so loved time cuddled up on the “Deb lounger” as her lap is known. We hold her precious.
We plan to give a gift (or gifts) in her memory each year for years to come, and we will keep you posted when we do. 

Okame Trees – 2017, Rebecca Miller


Interrupted Sky – 2009, Debora Miller

2012-11-20 16.28.07

“Tree Scape” – Nov 2012, Debora Miller


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One response to “On Hope over Hate: In memory of Deb

  1. Grace Zimmer

    The trees and the donations are wonderful memorials for an artist and an activist. Peace to all who love her and miss her now.

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