On Northern Spark: In Memory of Deb

Three years ago tomorrow, Deb left this world, and we still miss her very much.

Our homes are filled with images that she created. They remind us of the experiential art works that she conceived, some of which she was able to produce for a public showing.

Of course, one of the difficult things about grief is recognizing the loss of the future, and we often wonder about all the things that never got to be. But as we each travel along this journey, surrounded as we are by loving friends and family, we find comfort by remembering all the wondrous beauty and lively imagination that Deb was able to share in her too short life.

One such realization of hers was the projection of images Deb created for Northern Spark 2011— the first year of Northern Spark’s Nuit Blanche: 24 hours of performance art hosted by Northern Lights. It was called MURMUR.

We found her contribution magnificent; it was fearlessly conceived and pushed well beyond the comfort of anything she had ever attempted before. Andy and Deb worked for months to build the back end of the tech together and, supported by many other people in the community, Deb created an amazing display that moved and inspired. We will always cherish the memory of that long day and night.

At the end of the night, Deb was tired but so deservedly proud. We believe that she was strengthened by this success, her spirit alight with new energy as she faced the next year—which was to be her last full year with us.

A grant from Northern Spark was instrumental in making that articulation of her vision possible. This year, to honor Deb’s memory we have donated $2,000 from the Debora Miller Memorial Fund to Northern Spark, and we take this opportunity to remember this special experience in our lives with her. With love.

We intend to make a similar annual gift for years to come. Thank you to all who have donated to the fund. If you would like to help to continue to build the fund, please let us know (via Donate).






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4 responses to “On Northern Spark: In Memory of Deb

  1. I remember Deb often, with gratitude because I knew her.

  2. Jenn Grilliot

    Thank you for sharing this remembrance. Deb continues to inspire.

  3. Victoria Hartcup

    I just love these works. Deb made a big impression on me, but i never actually met her. It was her art works that spoke to me . Inspiring and thrilling. So glad i got to see all the work that has given me so much pleasure and interesting ideas. Thank you Deb. Thank you Rebecca.

  4. lvos@live.com

    Deb was a most amazing person and a wonderful sister. XO

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